The American Epilogue Set

A Long Time Coming

In August of 2001, we packed up the van and set out on tour in support of our new album, Know By Heart. Over the next 3 months, we played our way around North America and Europe. It was the longest and best tour we'd ever done and we came home both exhausted and exhilarated. Over the course of that season, we could feel the effect that Know By Heart had on our audience. At the beginning of the tour, it was songs like Weather Report, It's All About Us, and Mag 70s that invited cheers. By the middle of October, it was Kindness of Strangers, Punk As Fuck, and Computerizing. It was the beginning of a different AmAnSet, and unfortunately, the end of the vinyl run for Know By Heart. Between 3 months of touring and lots of help from independent record shops across US and Europe, we slang every vinyl copy of this album that TigerStyle had pressed. Over the next few years, each of us found a copy in one way or another but we've always wanted the opportunity to make this record available again. 

On June 3rd, Barsuk will make this particular dream come true and we're pleased to announce that you can pre-order your copy starting today. This edition is gatefold with notes from yours truly. It's a 180 gram repressing of the original vinyl master. It also comes with a digital download of the album along with all 21 four-track demos for the album. Some of these songs haven't been heard outside the band until now and a few others were featured on later releases by The Wooden Birds.

I've seen the completed package and it's the absolute business. 

We hope you enjoy.

Thank you