we have visitors

We’re receiving some comments, and it looks like having the site ‘up’ when it is just an early work in progress might cause some confusion. We’ll have the content from the old site (bio, journals, some music to download), as well as new stuff, but it might be a couple weeks before this is a place to visit, read, and comment in the proper way.

In the meantime thanks for coming and there will be some kind of real announcement in this space when the site is ready and properly paid attention to.

Also yes we will post links to buy stuff that we have made, stay tuned.


this is how the bread is made

Hello. Thanks for visiting. Right now the site is under construction and filled with notes about what we could or should do to get all the content from the old amanset site available here. Please come back later when there is actual content for you to read and enjoy. If you’d like to use the RSS feed you can see us stumble toward functionality one experimental post at a time.

Major format changes coming soon. We look forward to having thrilling arguments in the comment section about stuff nobody is really all that bothered about.


posts on home page

The ‘home’ section of this layout serves as a ‘news’ page as well, with posts added by users appearing here in reverse chronological order. After publishing the user can edit or remove the posts, as well as deal with comments and managing their contents or who can leave them.

Most of the content can be added without any coding or fancy actions required by the user. If someone wants to add a link to the Wooden Birds page, for instance, that can all happen without writing any code or knowing any tags.

After I’m happier with the basic format and presentation I can get more ambitious with styling the type and arranging the elements of the pages, but we can get started right away.